We Believe Education Is The Only True Long-Term Strategy To Ensure Sustainable Change

Illiteracy is the biggest menace for the society and nation. Illiteracy leads to poverty, gives rise to crimes, results in domestic violence, extremism and terrorism and is a permanent source of many minor and major social ills.

Moawin Foundation, has taken upon itself the responsibility to help educate the less fortunate and vulnerable citizens of the society and gain vocational training to get empowered to the extent where they can become bread-earners for their families and spend their lives as useful citizens of the society.

We have been implementing educational and welfare projects in Pakistan since 2014.

We launched our pilot project in a small village, Mahmunwali – District Sheikhupura. Over the years, MF has grown to administrate 88 Schools with overall 22,500 students across Sheikhupura, Jhelum and Islamabad including 65 recently owned Community/ Government schools in Gilgit Baltistan.


Contributions from people like you make it possible for us to raise standard of education in our schools.


You can provide annual uniform for 10 students for donation of PKR 20,000 (only PKR 55 a day).

You can count on us to be good stewards of your generous donation, helping vulnerable children by giving them a secure future through quality education.