Our motto is Educate - Train - Empower, we aim to improve standards of primary/ secondary education in Government schools and provide vocational training for boys and girls in rural areas.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision - Helen Keller

Founded in 2014 by Admiral M Asif Sandila NI(M), Former Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan, Moawin Foundation is a Non Profit Oragnization set up under Section 42 of Companies Act 1984.


Pakistan is faced with poverty and illiteracy as the most serious threats. Illiteracy leads to poverty, gives rise to crimes, results in domestic violence, extremism and terrorism and is therefore a permanent source of major social evils in the society.

Moawin Foundation, through Education and Vocational Training aims to fight extremism and intolerance to empower the less privileged and vulnerable citizens of Pakistan. It is hoped that through education and skills development, the illiterate and deprived people will not only become the bread-earners of their families but also useful citizens of Pakistan.

Moawin Foundation believes that if public sector schools, that have the highest outreach in the country, are supported, we can make a worthwhile contribution to bring quality improvement in education system of Pakistan.

Government has the resources to establish and maintain the infrastructure for educational institutions, what is lacking is the capacity to ensure quality. This is the gap that Moawin Foundation aims to fill, as Moawin (supporters).

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Our Vision

To bring about a positive change in Pakistan by improving quality of education in the public sector schools and impart income generating skills to the young population for self reliance.

Our Mission

To uplift the quality of life of economically deprived sections of the society through access to quality education and creation of employment opportunities for the youth of Pakistan by imparting income generating skills to them.

Our Objectives

Quality Education

To improve standards of education in Government Schools and provide quality primary/ secondry education for all school-age children, especially in rural areas of Pakistan.

Better Lives

To involve the community in sharing the responsibility of improving its living standard.

Vocational Training

To promote technical education for creation of skilled youth through demand-driven Vocational Training in the rural areas through innovative curriculum and teaching methodologies.


To encourage and promote volunteering at all levels and for all sorts of activities.


To empower our society especially girls and women through education and income generating skills and providing microfinancing facilities where applicable.

Community Involvement

To promote awareness among all communities of their rights and responsibilities; to encourage community participation in all educational endeavour and humanitarian responses.