General Manager Finance, Human Resource Management and Administration Finance

  • Manage Financial Management affairs of MF and ensure implementation of Financial Rules and Standard Operating Procedures of MF.
  • Oversee processing of accounting data ensuring completeness of recording and proper maintenance of books of account at Head office in a computerized system.
  • Verification/approval of all Payments, Receipt and Adjustment vouchers. Preparation and verification of salaries.
  • Ensure all payments are properly supported and are in accordance with the delegated schedule of powers and relevant agreements / contracts.
  • Supervision of accounting staff in achieving their tasks at HO & Filed Offices. Guide other departments on implementation of financial and related matters.
  • Preparation of MF budget on the basis of proposed input from departments and field offices in view of the various funding agreements.
  • Present annual budget to the Board for approval.
  • Prepare and present monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports along with budget variances.
  • Ensure timely preparation and finalization of statutory accounts of MF and successful completion of external audit.
  • Ensures resolution of all financial issues related to field offices.
  • Liaises with donors and ensure timely reporting in accordance with the agreements.
  • Supervise all communication and interactions with banks and financial institutions.
  • Prepare and review all bank reconciliation statements on a monthly basis.
  • Review all account reconciliation statements on a monthly basis.
  • Supervision of all Finance staff.
  • Supervision of all Finance staff.
  • Maintenance of staff funds i.e. (Provident Fund / Gratuity Fund / Pension Fund).
  • Ensure that Income tax returns, Withholding tax statements and Sales tax statements are filed on timely basis.
  • Ensure that tax is deducted from payments and submitted to the authorities as per Income Tax Laws.
  • Ensure that annual returns are filed and all requirements are fulfilled under the Companies Act, 2017.
  • Co-ordinate with tax consultants and legal advisors where necessary.

Human Resource Management

  1. Manage human resources of MF and ensure implementation HR Policy Manual.
  2. Coordinate with Field Offices to ensure that both are staffed to meet short and long term objectives of MF.
  3. Preparation of all internal and external advertisements for hiring of staff.
  4. Coordinate and form interview panels.
  5. Approve all hiring related communication.
  6. Develop, implement, communicate and monitor employees’ compensation system and rewards system.
  7. Recommend appropriate actions in all disciplinary cases in accordance with HR Policy and conflict resolution.
  8. Supervise training and development functions of MF.
  9. Review and recommend modifications in HR policies to the Board of MF.
  10. Ensure implementation, communication and monitoring of performance appraisal system and recommendation of annual increments.
  11. Ensure preparation of job descriptions for each position of MF and get them approved from the CEO.
  12. Liaise with outside agencies on matters related to Human Resources, like Insurance Companies, Training Consultants etc. and also attend to legal cases.
  13. Any other task assigned by the CEO.

Administration, Procurement, Fixed Assets and Inventory Control

  1. Ensure that all procurement related activities are implemented in accordance with policies and SOPs of MF.
  2. Supervise periodic inventory compilation and its verification.
  3. Ensure effective vehicle management policy of MF.
  4. Supervision all logistics and travel arrangements of Head Office staff and provide guideline to the field offices.
  5. Provides administrative and logistic support for MF events.
  6. Issue a schedule of Program Planning & Operations Meetings (PPOMs).
  7. Organize visits of VIPs and dignitaries (Pakistan & Foreigners).
  8. Ensure effective and undistorted sharing of information across MF.
  9. Monitor operational status of different MIS systems in the field offices and at the HO.
  10. Development and implement integrated strategic IT systems in MF.
  11. Ensure that information regarding programs of MF is up to date, including written materials on websites, DVDs and CDs and take regular back-ups of data on different mediums.