Program Officer

  1. Assist GM Operations in preparation of annual plan for all programs in consultation with and Field Offices.
  2. Assist in ensuring implementation of program design in accordance with design, plan and agreements with the funding agencies.
  3. Ensure coordination with provincial and district education departments.
  4. Ensure achievement of targets and plans.
  5. Actively participate in Program Review Meetings with all concerned staff in Field Offices or through remote communication system.
  6. Suggest cost efficient amendments/improvement in the Program in line with policy and vision of MF.
  7. Monitor programs professionally and provide input to improve to program design and plans.
  8. Conduct and supervise program related trainings.
  9. Explore avenues for cooperation and coordination with the Government, NGOs and Private Sector involved in Education/vocational training.
  10. Assist GM Operations in program related presentations at various forums at provincial and national level.
  11. Preparation of responses to the program related queries raised by the Government and other stakeholders.