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When God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of GIVING - Mark Batterson

I started my education from a government school with no chairs or desks. I had to walk four miles to go to school. Nevertheless, my parents could afford my education. Allah has been kind and I reached the pinnacle of my career when I wore four stars on my shoulders.

Now that I am retired from active naval service, I feel incumbent upon myself to give back to the society. I will make my humble efforts to teach, train and help as many youth as I can. May Allah be with me. (Ameen)

With this intention, my analysis are:

We have a large population which has a sizeable number of youth. Majority of this segment of our society in the rural areas, is uneducated. They are either unable to attend school or those who do, do not get adequate education at primary/ secondary level.

Government schools exist in most parts of the country. However, the standard of teaching/ education is generally not very high. It is believed that by making use of the existing infrastructure, improvement can be achieved by supervision and provision of trained teachers.

Need is also felt to impart vocational training to boys and girls so that they develop skills to earn their livelihood. Moawin Foundation endeavors to improve primary/ secondary education and provide opportunities for skill development through vocational training in rural areas.

We consider our activities as a humble effort in Nation Building.

Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila NI (M)
Chairman – Moawin Foundation