Sidra’s journey from a trainee to becoming an instructor at the Vocational Training Institute (VTI) in Mehmunwali, Sheikhupura is a true success story of empowerment and self-determination.  As a trainee in the beautician’s course, Sidra dedicated herself to learning and enhancing her skills. The practical experience gained during her on-the-job training at Fizza Beauty Salon proved to be invaluable, not only did she acquire technical expertise, but also learned the art of customer service which is an essential aspect of the profession.

After completing the course, Sidra embarked on a three-year journey, working in various salons to gain professional experience. In 2019, she joined VTI as an instructor through a recruitment process conducted by Moawin Foundation. Returning to VTI as an instructor filled Sidra with immense gratitude.

“I feel proud to return to the institution that taught me a skill that has enabled me to be financially independent and also support my family. I encourage my students to do the same for themselves and work hard for improving the quality of their life”, says Sidra.

Moawin Foundation in collaboration with Akhuwat also provide loans to VTI graduates, empowering them to start their own ventures. This support not only fosters entrepreneurship but also enables individuals to achieve financial independence.

“I am thankful to Moawin Foundation for giving me the opportunity—I will ensure that the institution that helped me gain valuable skillset can also benefit from my expertise”, says Sidra enthusiastically.

Sidra’s story is a testament to the transformative power of vocational training and financial support. Through her dedication and the support she received, she is also motivating her students to uplift their lives by providing necessary guidance in pursuing a career as a beautician. Empowered women truly have the ability to empower other women, and Sidra’s journey stands as a shining example of this truth.

Sidra, Beautician Course Instructor, Vocational Training Institute, Mehmunwali, Sheikhupura