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Gilgit Baltistan (GB) is a sparsely populated mountainous area situated in the north of Pakistan. It has the longest glaciers outside of the polar region, it is home to the world’s second-highest peak i.e. K2. The society of GB is also diverse in terms of language, religion, and ethnicity. The weather conditions in GB are also very harsh.


In Gilgit Baltistan

Mowain Foundation has been striving to bring about positive change in the area by improving the quality of education. Moawin Foundation believes that education is the right of all and therefore, the foundation has adopted 65 schools in 10 districts in Gilgit Baltistan. Out of these 65 schools, 32 are Government schools and 33 are community schools adopted by the foundation.


Early Childhood Education Center (ECE)

Early childhood education is very imperative for the child especially from birth up to 8 years. Every child has the right to access quality early education. As per UNICEF, more than 175 million children are still deprived of this right. Pakistan stands second across the globe in having the highest out-of-school children aged 5-16.



E-learning is the provision of education and training to students using electronic means such as the internet. During times of pandemic, E-learning has been introduced to empower learners to get basic schooling and to enhance children’s skill.


Clean Drinking Water Facility

Pakistan Education Statistic 2017 reports that out of 1294 public schools in GB, 90 schools do not have clean drinking water facilities. Moawin Foundation is therefore working for the provision of clean drinking water to the MF adopted schools.


Repair and Construction of Washroom Facility

Our team at Gilgit Baltistan identified schools that have less number of washrooms as compared to enrolment and requirement. It was also found that the already build washroom or restrooms were out of order and in bad shape.


Distribution of Stationary and uniforms to Students

Following the policy of supporting the marginalized community in providing basic facilities of education, Moawin Foundation supplied stationaries and uniforms to the students of 6 MF Home Schools Darel of Diamer district. Overall 460 students got assisted from this facility where 380 were female and 80 were male.

Teachers’ Training and Capacity Building Workshops

Building capacity especially amongst the teachers is imperative. It also encompasses the quality of adaptation in teachers. It enables and helps them to grow, adapt and progress. Such workshops also aid in improving and improvising the curriculum standards, content knowledge, information sharing and most importantly learning and teaching techniques.

Covid19 Relief Services

Moawin Foundation believes in the safety of students. In times of pandemic, Moawin has made its utmost efforts to ensure the safety of children as well the teachers. In this connection 27 MF Adopted Community Schools in Baltistan region were equipped with the facilities of masks and thermometer gun to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 pandemic after the reopening of schools.