Clean Drinking Water Facility in Gilgit

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Clean Drinking Water Facility

Pakistan Education Statistic 2017 reports that out of 1294 public schools in GB, 90 schools do not have clean drinking water facilities. Moawin Foundation is therefore working for the provision of clean drinking water to the MF adopted schools. For this, based on a basic need identification survey, MF through proper evaluation has selected 10 government schools that lacked the basic facility of clean and safe drinking water.

  • Girls Middle School Farfoo Bagrote, Gilgit
  • Girls Primary School Naltar Bala, Gilgit
  • Girls High School Chalt, Nagar
  • Girls Primary School Phandar, Ghizer
  • Boys Middle school Dahimal, Ghizer
  • Girls Middle School Rattu, Astore
  • Girls Middle school Chogham, Astore
  • Boys Middle School Diwaray Thack, Diamer
  • Boys High School Gali Bala Tangir, Diamer
  • Girls High School Bara, Ghanche