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Mowain Foundation has been striving to bring about positive change in the area by improving the quality of education. Moawin Foundation believes that education is the right of all and therefore, the foundation has adopted 65 schools in 10 districts in Gilgit Baltistan. Out of these 65 schools, 32 are Government schools and 33 are community schools adopted by the foundation.

Government Adopted Schools

Moawin Foundation believes that Government schools are the most imperative when it comes to outreach. The government schools are established even in the remotest areas across the country. Moawin Foundation also believes that the quality of education in government schools can be readily improved. Therefore, the foundation is making a worthwhile contribution to bringing quality improvement in education at government schools through public-private partnerships. The following schools have been adopted by Moawin Foundation through public-private partnerships in GB.

  • Gilgit
    • Girls Middle School, Farfoo Bagrote
    • Girls Middle School, Chakkarkot
    • Girls Middle School, Kargah
    • Girls Primary School, Naltar Bala
    • Girls Primary School, Konodass
  • Nagar
    • Boys High School, Hoper
    • Girls High School, Hoper
    • Girls Middle School, Phaker
    • Girls High School, Chalt
  • Hunza
    • Boys Middle School, Mayon
    • Boys Middle School, Hussainabad
    • Boys High School, Kirman Chipurson
  • Ghizer
    • Boys Middle School, Das Thoi
    • Girls Primary School, Phandar
    • Boys Middle School, Teru
    • Boys Middle School, Dahimal
    • Boys High School, Bilhanz
    • Boys Middle School, Dain
  • Astore
    • Girls Middle School, Dashkin
    • Girls Middle School, Rattu
    • Girls High School, Gorikot
    • Girls Middle School, Chogham
  • Diamer
    • Boys High School, Niat
    • Boys Middle School, Diwaray Thack
    • Girls Middle School, Ronai
    • Boys High School, Gali Bala Tangir
    • Boys Middle School, Khamikote
  • Shigar
    • Girls High School, Tissar
    • Girls High School, Dasso
  • Ghanche
    • Girls High School, Bara
    • Girls High School, Kuru
    • Girls Middle School, Burdas Balghar

Community Schools

The involvement of the community in the school indicates the levels of interest of the community in educating their children. It is not a secret that the involvement of the community is an integral part of a successful education framework. Moawin Foundation understands the need and significance of parents and community involvement in affecting the success of individual students, therefore Moawin Foundation has adopted the following community schools and is providing quality education to children

  • Diamer
    • Home School, Pugach
    • Home School, Okyal
    • Home School, Mijni
    • Home School, Chichla
    • Home School, Shahiemahal
    • Home School, Gayot
  • Skardu
    • Community School, Qumra Skardu
    • Umeed Girls Primary School, Chunda
    • Sarber Primary School, Kuwardo
    • Baghardo Community School
    • Community Girls Middle School Sikandar Abad Tormik
    • Tinjois Community School
    • Babul Illam Public School, Ranga
    • Community School, Ghaziabad Kachura
    • Bushra Inspire School, Chogogrong Sadpara
    • Bushra Inspire School, Dari Sadpara
    • Bushra Inspire School, Malpan
  • Shigar
    • Government Primary School, Pakora Shigar
    • Haji Ali Memorial School, Korphe Shigar
    • Malikha Al Noor School, Gulabpur
    • Community School, Nar Shigar
    • Community School, Bein
    • Community Primary School, Hamasil
    • Haderia Public School, Shigar
    • Akbarya Middle School, Shigar
  • Ghanche
    • Tameer-e-Millat Public School, Daghoni
    • Mir Aliwa Public School, Marzighon
    • Sun Valley Middle, Kanday
    • Government Primary School, Hushe
    • Bismillah Public School, Tally
  • Kharmang
    • Community School, Mayourdo Kharmang
    • Deosai Community School, Dapa
    • Community School, Mehdi Abad