Moawin Foundation moved to the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad where it signed an MoU with the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and adopted 12 schools in Alipur Frash Union Council. MF has made many interventions in these schools since the inception of the project including the provision of training to the teachers on basic teaching skills and activity-based teaching, training to the heads of schools on effective management skills, and providing training to 40 teachers on “Safe use of Internet-Teaching Digital Privacy”. Additionally, Moawin Foundation has developed the basic infrastructure of schools and repaired the furniture of 10 schools. MF equipped prep classes with learning material and provided LCD TVs enabling the students to enter into the digital learning environment. Moawin also resolved the issue of shortage of clean drinking water in schools and enhanced the storage capacity of water and provided electric water coolers for drinking filtered water at PCRWR standards. Washrooms in all schools were repaired. MF plans to further spread in Islamabad and adopt 10 schools in Tarnol UC in 2022.


In Islamabad

The main goal of Moawin Foundation is to provide quality education to all. To achieve this goal, Moawin Foundation has partnered up with Government schools. The foundation is providing state of art facilities to these government schools to ensure quality education. So far, Moawin Foundation has adopted 12 schools in Islamabad with an enrolment of approximately 6000 students.

ECD and E-Learning

Early childhood education lays the foundation for children. Its importance cannot be denied in the world of today. Investment in the early education of our children has many advantages that unfold themselves in due course. Children’s environment has a very powerful impact on the rest of their lives therefore, MF considers ECD and its applications significant. In Islamabad, ECD is initiated in IMSG Farash Town Phase II (I-V). Al Similarly, Tablet based E-learning has been initiated in two schools in Islamabad i.e., IMSG Alipur Farash (I-V) and IMSG Tamma (I-V) in collaboration with TTWF. Moawin Foundation in collaboration with Noon Academy also started online tuition classes in Islamabad schools to provide access to extra coaching classes (tuition) for better learning, free of cost. Under this initiative, 190 children are taking evening classes from their homes, whereas 59 students are part of the scholarship program

Provision of Clean Drinking Water

Contaminated and unhealthy drinking water leads to many diseases. Clean healthy water is an essential ingredient for a healthy human life. Moawin Foundation has provided clean drinking facilities including the water filtration system and water coolers in all its adopted schools in Islamabad as well.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Moawin Foundation considers extra-curricular activities imperative for the students. Different activities are planned for the students throughout the academic year. Spelling bee competition, eyesight screening campaign, sports day, national day, cleanliness, and plantation drives are amongst many other such activities.

Teachers’ Training 

Moawin Foundation believes that the professional training of teachers can help them not only perform their job with innovation but also to stay organized. The training helps the teachers to become more efficient and to focus more on students. Keeping this in consideration, different training programs have been conducted in the schools for the teachers. Teachers have been trained in;
1. Basic Teaching Methodologies,
2. Professional Development Training
3. Introduction to Digital Learning
4. E- Learning by SABAQ
5. Home-based teaching by Noon Academy
6. Refresher - Learning/Digital Learning by TTWF