During our recent trip to Pakistan, we were fortunate to see some great social work being done by Moawin Foundation. Their commitment to improving the quality of education is phenomenal. We were impressed by watching school kids get education through interactive video lectures on flat screen panels. On enquiring we were told that such lessons are to supplement the school curriculum with the objective of enhancing knowledge and school experience for the kids. The provision of Computer labs with modern IT technology in a rural setting was beyond our imagination.

In addition to the boy’s schools, it was heartening to see vocational education being given to the local village girls. Focused training in industrial applications, shoemaking, cosmetology, and stitching being offered by Moawin will provide them with key skills that will allow them to be contributing members of the community, while also fostering a future generation that is enriched with similar qualities.

We believe that the Moawin cause needs to be further supported in order for them to continue their noble cause, while giving donors the opportunity to be a part of Pakistan’s future and success.


Mr. Tariq Qureshy