Shabana Mubarak is a resident of Nawan Kot village located at Mahmunwali village Sheikhupura, Punjab. She has four children; her husband was unemployed because of illness, she couldn’t support her family financially. Her siblings informed her about the Moawin Foundation Vocational Training Institute (VTI) at Mahmunwali Village, Sheikhupura. She visited the VTI Centre and registered for the free Dressmaking and Stitching course. After six months of hard work, she graduated from VTI Centre and chose Stitching as a Career.

She set up a small Stitching shop at her house. Initially, she faced many challenges, but with the passage of time, she inspired people with her quality of work.

When Shabana started earning, she bore her husband’s health and children’s school expenses. Unfortunately, her husband passed away.After the demise of her husband, Shabana became the source of income for her family; she earns 25 Thousand Rs/- monthly.

She is thankful to Moawin Foundation for providing the learning opportunity to her, and now she financially supports her family.