Education is the key to prosperity, unlocking unprecedented success for nations. Moawin Foundation envisions a quality educational journey for Pakistan’s youth, bridging gaps and empowering them for sustainability.



Attaining prosperity without having an inclusive education system is not possible. Education is what makes nations achieve unprecedented success whereas those who still undermine its imperativeness are faced with instability, corruption, poverty, and nepotism. There is a crisis in the education and education system in Pakistan and the gap that needs to be bridged is pretty wide. Moawin Foundation’s vision is to embark the youth of Pakistan on a quality educational journey. A journey where they will not only learn but also where they can use that knowledge to gain sustainability. MF believes that without an efficient and vibrant education and monitoring system, the problems faced by children in accessing education cannot be solved and good results will be hard to attain. Moawin Foundation has signed MoU with the Sindh Education Foundation to support the out-of-school children in Jamali Goth and Gadap Town in Karachi, Sindh.

Our Projects In
Jamali Goth & Gadap Town

Moawin Foundation started the school at Jamali Goth in August 2021 and has strived to provide the best services in education to the children of the area. Jamali Goth is a remote area in the suburbs of Karachi. The children in these areas were deprived of basic education facilities. With the intervention of Moawin Foundation, there are now two schools, one each in Jamali Goth and Gadap Town respectively. The schools incorporate children in classes 1 to 5. The total strength of children is 318 in Jamali Goth and 631 in Gadap Town.


Childhood Education

Early Childhood education is what initiates and built the foundation of a child’s education. It is imperative in providing the emotional as well as social care that is required by a child. Mowain Foundation believes that teachers and parents play a significant role in child development. They contribute a lot to a child’s behavioral, phycological, attitudinal, and educational needs and framework. Keeping into consideration the significance of Early Childhood Education and development, Moawin Foundation has set up ECE centers and workshops at both schools.