Testimonials from Our Community

Syed Adnan Haidar


Moawin Foundation conducted trainings of teachers in different domains. These training proved to be very useful for us. Trainings especially about the teaching methodologies has helped me and my colleagues to make the teaching and learning process more adept and fun. We have learned the use of AV Aids while teaching, this makes the lessons more interesting. Now even an average student participates in the class activities and the overall performance of the students has tremendously improved. All this happened because of the sincere efforts put in by Moawin Foundation’s team. I thank them and pray they continue the good deed.

Ruzina Naheed

Head Mistress

Nongovernment organizations (NGOs) have played a crucial role in Pakistan, since the country’s independence in 1947 to assist in the establishment of their new government, mostly concentrating on rehabilitation and basic services. Pakistan is one of the countries with the world’s highest out-of-school population, with more girls than boys out of school. NGOs have taken an active role in supporting the education sector Among them is the Moawin Foundation, whose mission is to provide quality and marketable education to all, building schools and hiring teachers and using the curriculum of the best private school in the country, as well as adopting government schools in both urban and rural areas.When the Moawin Foundation adopted our school, they constructed and renovated the school building with state of art facilities.

Moawin Foundation introduced series of best practices to our school by investing in infrastructure to ensure that children are provided with an environment conducive to learning.

Moreover, washrooms and toilets have always been an issue in government schools, Moawin Foundation has also constructed and renovated the washrooms in the school. Additionally, it provided new furniture, and clean drinking water facilities in the school.

Moawin Foundation also assisted in providing us with new teachers, and also conducted different teachers’ trainings, that were very productive.

We aim to create opportunities for more children and remove illiteracy; but we cannot do this without Moawin Foundation. I sincerely acknowledge the efforts by the Foundation and especially by Admiral Asif Sandila (Retd) for all his support.

Rashid Ahmad

Supervising Engineer & Program Manager (Retd.)

We visited the Moawin Foundation project near Sheikhupura, Pakistan. We were blown away by its scope and impact. Helping Government schools improve the quality of education, with training, supervision, and motivation of teachers is a collaborative effort – with the biggest bang for the buck. It is an out of the box solution to the K-12 education crisis, a complex model, but Moawin has demonstrated its feasibility and effectiveness. Indeed, a roaring success. The Vocational Training Institute meets a critical need- employability of high school graduates. Godspeed!

Mr. Tariq Qureshy

During our recent trip to Pakistan, we were fortunate to see some great social work being done by Moawin Foundation. Their commitment to improving the quality of education is phenomenal. We were impressed by watching school kids get education through interactive video lectures on flat screen panels. On enquiring we were told that such lessons are to supplement the school curriculum with the objective of enhancing knowledge and school experience for the kids. The provision of Computer labs with modern IT technology in a rural setting was beyond our imagination.

In addition to the boy’s schools, it was heartening to see vocational education being given to the local village girls. Focused training in industrial applications, shoemaking, cosmetology, and stitching being offered by Moawin will provide them with key skills that will allow them to be contributing members of the community, while also fostering a future generation that is enriched with similar qualities.

We believe that the Moawin cause needs to be further supported in order for them to continue their noble cause, while giving donors the opportunity to be a part of Pakistan’s future and success.