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Moawin believes in empowerment and gender equality. Moawin aims at not only providing education to the youth but also imparting them income-generating skills so that they could learn, and earn for themselves and their families. Vocational training plays a crucial role in skill development. Moreover, the students pass out with hands-on skills and expertise to start their jobs or new startups. The importance of vocational training cannot be denied. Moawin Foundation, in collaboration with the Government of Punjab, has established Vocational Training Institute (VTI) in village Mahmunwali, District Sheikhupura, and Qila Mian Singh, District Nankana Sahib, Punjab. It offers vocational training to teachers and students to develop their skills. 1,338 students have passed out to date. 


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Sughra’s Journey – Breaking Barriers, Building Dreams for Girls in Digital Marketing

Despite facing financial difficulties after her father’s passing, Sughra, a young woman from Gilgit-Baltistan, persevered. How a 24-year-old from Gilgit-Baltistan, overcame challenges to pursue her dream career in digital marketing.

“My story began at the age of 16 when my father passed away, and navigating life without him has been challeng- ing for my family ever since. Financial constraints made pursuing higher education seem like an uphill battle for me and my siblings, but with the moral support of my elder brother and a merit scholarship, I managed to pursue my goal of studying Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. With the assistance of Moawin Foundation and Rush Intellectual, I have recently started working to support my family and achieve financial independence. Starting with minimal computer knowledge, I am currently a Virtual Assistant at Amazon and a Shopify trainer at Rush Intellectual. I look forward to the continued support of Moawin Foundation in learning advanced levels of digital marketing and educating youth in my area with the added skills and knowledge.”

Sughra Batool, 24

Graduate of E-commerce Diploma Course Gilgit-Baltistan, Moawin Foundation

Moawin’s Skill-Building Programs

Moawin Foundation recognizes the importance of practical skill development in building a fulfilling future. These programs provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to pursue their passions and contribute to their communities.


The program provides participants with in-depth training in makeup application, hair styling, and skincare techniques.


This program fosters the art of garment construction and tailoring, enabling participants to create and personalize clothing.

Motorcycle Mechanic

Participants in this program gain the knowledge and skills to diagnose, repair, and maintain motorcycles.

E-Commerce Training

This program equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to launch and manage their own online businesses.

Shoe Making

The program delves into the traditional craft of shoemaking, allowing participants to create high-quality, unique footwear.

Electrician Training

This program teaches individuals the safe and proper installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems.

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We visited the Moawin Foundation project near Sheikhupura, Pakistan. We were blown away by its scope and impact. Helping Government schools improve the quality of education, with training, supervision, and motivation of teachers is a collaborative effort – with the biggest bang for the buck.

Rashid Ahmad, MS, ME, PE, GE