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Illiteracy is the biggest menace that a nation can face. It leads to poverty, gives rise to crime, results in domestic violence, extremism and sadly terrorism. Moawin Foundation, has taken upon itself the responsibility to help educate the less fortunate and vulnerable citizens of the society and give skills development training to empower them.

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Early Childhood Care and Education

Early childhood education is imperative for the child especially from birth up to 8 years. Every child has the right to access quality early education. As per UNICEF, more than 175 million children are still deprived of this right. Pakistan stands second across the globe in having the highest out-of-school children aged 5-16. Moawin Foundation aims to establish early childhood education centers across the country.

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E-learning is the provision of education and training to students using electronic means such as the internet. During times of pandemic, E-learning has been introduced to empower learners to get basic schooling and to enhance children’s skills. Moawin has always believed in imparting up-to-date education to children.

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Teacher's Training

Moawin Foundation emphasizes on a public-private partnership model for the provision of education, we adopted and arranged multiple teacher training programs to equip teachers with effective and efficient teaching techniques. The trainings focused on basic teaching methodology, digital teaching and early childhood education.

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Vocational Training Institutes/ Empowerment

Moawin believes in empowerment and gender equality. Moawin aims at not only providing education to the youth but also imparting them income-generating skills so that they could learn, and earn for themselves and their families. Vocational training plays a crucial role in skill development. Moreover, the students pass out with hands-on skills and expertise to start their jobs or new startups.

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Infrastructure Development Of Schools

Moawin Foundation works on improving the infrastructure in the adopted schools across the country. The uplift of infrastructure includes the upgradation of schools, repairing classrooms and toilets, clean water supply, construction of additional class rooms and toilets, provision of computer labs and new furniture.

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Emergency & Social Welfare Services

During the year 2021, Qurbani Drive was done in which 2,520 meat bags were distributed among deserving families in Dargai. Malakand. Moreover, 410 handpumps were installed in different districts of KPK, Punjab, Balochistan & Sindh to provide clean drinking water to the families.

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