Building Brighter Tomorrows: Education & Skills Development

Moawin empowers vulnerable communities with education and skills training, transforming lives in Pakistan.

Building Brighter Futures

Moawin Foundation Empowers Pakistan’s Youth Through Education

Moawin Foundation started in 2014 in District Sheikhupura by adopting 2 government schools with 320 students enrolled. Within a short span of one year, MF undertook some major activities like uplifting the basic infrastructure by adding classrooms and toilets (especially for girls), teachers’ training, provision of an IT Lab, the introduction of e-learning facilities, and life skills training, and playgrounds. At present, Moawin Foundation has adopted 132 schools and expanded its Program in Islamabad, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, and across Gilgit Baltistan. These schools have 33,000+ students enrolled.

The interventions of Moawin Foundation have resulted in the higher enrollment of Out of School Children (OOSC). Among the 103 schools being supported by the Moawin Foundation; 33 are adopted community schools in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, 32 Government schools in the Gilgit region, 12 schools in Islamabad, and 19 in Shiekhupura, 4 schools in PD Khan, 2 in Karachi and 1 in Miranshah.


Total number of Schools


Number of Students Enrolled


Teachers Trained

Investing in Education Today: Building a Brighter Future for Pakistan

We’re upgrading secondary school education by swapping computers for high-performance tablets, fostering personalized peer learning. Internal research supports this approach, enhancing academic achievement and social skills.

Blended Learning

Teaming up with TTWF partners, we boost engagement and learning outcomes through digital content, seamlessly integrated with traditional methods in AV-equipped rooms.

School Management

Upgrading technology for efficient school management. The enhanced School Management Application ensures transparency and comprehensive data handling across all MF schools.

Particular schools

65 Schools

in Gilgit Baltistan

19 Schools

in Sheikhupura

12 Schools

in Islamabad

4 Schools

in PD Khan

2 Schools

in Karachi

1 Schools

in Miranshah

Sr. No Interventions Schools Grades No of Students
1 TTWF IMSG, Alipur IMSG, Tamma KG- Grade 2 150
2 Noon Academy IMCG, Punjgran IMSB, Jhang Syedan Grade 9-10 186
3 Sabaq Foundation GGES, Mehmunwali GHS, Mehmunwali KG – Grade 8 970
4 Sabaq MUSE Government Girls High School Konodas Gilgit
Government Girls High School Kirmin Chapurson Gojal Hunza
Home School Phuguch Darel
GHS, Mehmunwali
KG – Grade 5 642

Educational Impact in Pakistan

Fostering education across Pakistan, Moawin Foundation brings positive changes to communities. From expanding school infrastructure to boosting enrollments, our initiatives create a lasting impact on young minds, opening doors to a brighter future.

Quality Education for All

Moawin Foundation strives to enhance the standards of education in Government Schools, with a focus on providing quality primary/secondary education to school-age children, particularly in rural areas of Pakistan.

Improved Living Standards

We engage communities in taking shared responsibility for enhancing their living standards, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and community involvement.

Promoting Technical Education:

Moawin Foundation actively promotes technical education by introducing demand-driven Vocational Training in rural areas. Our aim is to create a skilled youth through innovative curriculum and teaching methodologies.

Encouraging Volunteering

We encourage and promote volunteering at all levels and for various activities, aiming to build a culture of active participation and community engagement.

Societal Empowerment

Our focus is on empowering society, particularly girls and women, through education and income-generating skills. Additionally, we provide microfinancing facilities where applicable.

Community Awareness and Participation

Moawin Foundation strives to promote awareness among all communities regarding their rights and responsibilities. We actively encourage community participation in educational initiatives and humanitarian responses.

Voices of Impact

Discover What Our Community Says

I thought about the times in my life when I couldn’t even afford $5 for a book. That’s when it hit me. Wouldn’t it be cool if the price tag said, ‘5 jumping jacks and a sit-up. Chris raised $70k to help his neighbor Norma stay in her home.

Sofia Khan