PD Khan

Pind Dadan Khan, a city in District Jhelum, Punjab, lies south of the Khewra Salt Mine and east of the Lillah-Toba road. Moawin Foundation began operations here in May 2019, adopting four government schools.


Pind Dadan Khan

Pind Dadan Khan is a city in District Jhelum, Punjab. Pind Dadan Khan lies six miles south of the Khewra Salt (Salt Mine), 24 miles east of Lillah-Toba road between the M2 and 8 km east of Pither Nadi. Its borders with Khushab, Chakwal, Sargodha and Mandibahudin. Moawin foundation started its operation in Pind Dadan Khan in May 2019 and adopted four government schools i.e., Government Girls High School, Gharibwal, Government Model Primary School, Sauwal, Government Elementary School, Dhudhi Phapra, and Government Girls High School, Dhudhi Phapra.

Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum

The Moawin Foundation (MF) began supporting government schools in Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum, in May 2019. Initially, six MF teachers were hired across four schools, serving 1,268 students. By April 2022, student numbers rose to 1,510, with 13 MF teachers deployed. Significant increases were seen in student populations in Gharibwal and Dhudi Phapra, with corresponding rises in MF teacher numbers. This marks a positive trend in both enrollment and MF support for education in the region.

May, 2019

Students and Teachers Status
when we adopted school

April, 2022

Students and M.F Teachers Status


Childhood Care & Education

Moawin Foundation believes that ECCE can make a positive contribution and difference in the lives of young children. They can be more successful in school and life if their early learning foundation is strong. The experiences young children have in their early life can shape their brain and their capacity to learn and adapt. Early Childhood Care and Education Center have been established in Government Model Primary School, Sauwal, Pind Dadan Khan. All the relevant and up-to-date informational, educational, and communication material has been also provided to assure the quality of education.