Sheikhupura is the 16th largest city in Pakistan by population and is located in eastern Punjab. Moawin Foundation (MF) initiated its activities in the district Sheikhupura, Punjab in 2014. Village Mahmunwali in District Sheikhupura was selected to start the project. Under this project, two schools were adopted in June 2015. The pilot project was launched in partnership with the Government of Punjab. MoU was signed with District Administration to adopt schools with a focus on:
• Staff
• Infrastructure
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Creating enabling environment
• Advocacy

Our Projects In


Moawin Foundation aims to educate the youth of Pakistan and train them for developing their skills and empower them to get employment or start their own business. MF initiated its activities in the village Mehmunwali in 2014 where it adopted 2 schools initially with an enrolment of 457 students. Currently, Moawin Foundation is working in three Union Councils and nineteen schools in district Sheikhupura with an approximate enrollment of 5000 students.

Moawin Foundation Sheikhupura


Vocational Training Institute

Moawin believes in empowerment and gender equality. Moawin aims at not only providing education to the youth but also imparting income-generating skills so that they could learn, and earn for themselves and their families. Vocational training plays a crucial role in skill development. Moreover, the students pass out with hands-on skills and expertise to start their jobs or new startups. The importance of vocational training cannot be denied. Moawin Foundation, in collaboration with the Government of Punjab, has established Vocational Training Institute (VTI) in village Mahmunwali, District Sheikhupura, and Qila Mian Singh, District Nankana Sahib, Punjab. It offers vocational training to teachers and students to develop their skills. 1,338 students have passed out to date. Vocational Training Institute provides training in the following trades:
• Beautician
• Dress-Making
• Motorcycle Mechanic
MF started this initiative at a vocational training institute to equip youth to learn skills. Moreover, MF believes that access to capital is another step toward self-sustainability. For this, MF collaborated with Akhuwat and has provided interest-free loans to 187 young boys and girls who graduated from MF’s adopted VTIs.


Moawin Foundation (MF) entered into an MoU with Siddiq Shafi (Pvt) Ltd on January 1, 2021, to establish a Rozgar Centre for stitching shoes in the VTI adopted by MF in Mahmunwali Village, District Sheikhupura. The female diploma holders from the VTI with requisite skills were employed in this initiative. The training was provided to the students free of cost and now they are earning per piece wages. All expenses on machinery & training were provided by Siddiq Shafi (Pvt) Ltd.

Stitching Centre

Moawin Foundation (MF) in collaboration with Bismillah Textiles Limited, Faisalabad started the cutting and packing of the raw material. This initiative also provided employment opportunities to female VTI students. To facilitate this initiative, MF constructed a lab with a store and washroom in the VTI located in Mahmunwali, Sheikhupura. These initiatives helped the local community and the female students earn a living.

Solar Panels

The schools are located in the remote rural areas of District Sheikhupura, Punjab. The provision of electricity to these areas is intermittent. Keeping in view the increase in enrollment in every academic session, the demand of infrastructure development is being addressed by Moawin Foundation through the construction of new classrooms and repair and maintenance of these schools. Furthermore, ECE and E-Learning setups are also being established along with Electric Water Coolers in these schools. Moawin Foundation has installed Solar Panels in all the Moawin adopted seven schools in UC Tibbi Hamboo.

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Investing in early childhood education is one of the smartest ways to eradicate poverty. Early childhood care and education not only improve the early education of children but also improves the health of the mother and the child, empower women, and help eliminate poverty. Studies have shown that the foundations for learning and developing cognitive abilities are built in the early years. Therefore, Moawin Foundation considers Early Childhood Care & Education imperative to a child’s future. The ECE centers have been established in Government High School, Mehmunwali, Government Girls Elementary School, Mehmunwali, Government Girls Elementary School, Thatta Tararn, and Government Primary School, Dhoop Sari. All the Information and Communication material has been provided. Recurrent periodic training and workshops are also conducted to highlight the importance of ECCE to the community, especially the mothers.


Moawin believes that our children should be on par with the world and therefore, E-learning is being promoted in Moawin-adopted schools. This can be achieved through the spread of high-quality, curriculum-aligned, and engaging digital lessons, which improve student engagement and knowledge retention. MF has signed an MoU with SABAQ for the development of digital material for all provinces. E-learning setups have been established in all the seven adopted schools in UC Tibi Hamboo. The initiative will be implemented in all the Moawin adopted schools in district Sheikhupura.

Construction and Maintenance of Classrooms

Upgrading the infrastructure is also of importance. Moawin has worked readily to construct and repair classrooms where needed. More than 24 classrooms have been constructed in the Moawin adopted schools. Additionally, more than 54 classrooms have been refurbished and repaired.