Meet Shahnaz, who is a student in Moawin Foundation’s adopted Babul Ilam Public School Randa, Gilgit.

“I grew up in Ranga, which is located in the remote mountainous and deprived area of Gilgit-Baltistan. Without having basic facilities of health and education with improper infrastructure better education was a long way off. Even living there with these difficulties was not less than climbing a peak”.

“I am Shahnaz, we are twelve people living in a small house and my father takes care of them all alone. He works on daily wages. I am studying in the 8th class in Babul Ilam Public School Ranga. I received my primary education from an Urdu medium school. My school was two hours away from home and I used to walk for four hours daily to get to my school. Because of harsh weather conditions and limited transportation facilities in my area, my father hardly gets any work in the winter. Such situations were increasing the level of our vulnerability but still, my dreams were higher than the Himalayan and Karakorum Mountain and I stood to affirm to face these challenges.” added Shahnaz with eagerness.

“I had a lot of questions and doubt in my mind regarding the dream of my education. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. I was always praying to Allah to take me out of these difficult days. Almighty Allah heard me and sent Moawin Foundation as assistance to bring me out of all the troubles. In Feb 2020, Moawin Foundation adopted my school and upgraded it to the 8th class. Moawin Foundation not only upgraded our school but also paid our school fees, provided us stationaries, and trained our teachers. My happiness had no limit because I could have seen my dreams come true.”

“1st Feb 2020 was the day when our school started. I cannot explain the joy and bliss I felt. I am very much thankful to Moawin Foundation for providing us with an opportunity at our doorstep for pursuing a quality education. Whenever I raise my hands for prayer, I pray for the sustainability and progress of the Moawin Foundation and its team. Thank you so much Moawin Foundation, I look forward to the continuity of this noble work in my region Baltistan. May this organization grow every day and night. Amen