A role model is a person, who boosts up morals, inspires and encourages someone to strive to a certain degree, live to the fullest potential, and see the best in themself as a role model. The story of Ms. Fatima from Milraliwa Public School Marzigond Ganche District is not only a role model for teachers, students, and family members but also for all girls who think that they can’t do anything being a girl in their community.

“Brought up in poverty, living in the hardest mountainous terrain, owing to strategic importance area, and attending a weak infrastructure school with no basic facilities of life and witnessing the people dying from the poor condition was not easy for me. But my late father became a role model for me. He supported my education although he himself was illiterate. He was a high-altitude potter and had income just in summers. But he did everything for me and my siblings. He left us so early” Fatima shared her sorrows, suffering, and hardships

“Even though I was in a very weak financial situation and there were no other opportunities at hand, I was so optimistic about my education and did everything on my end to achieve my goal. I got my early education (Nursery till 5th Grade) from a government school. After 5th grade, I studied privately and passed my matriculation in 2009 with good marks. I am the first girl from Miraliwa Public School Marzigong who passed matriculation.” She added excitedly.

“After my matriculation, I appeared in a test for a teacher in Miraliwa Public School, and I qualified for that test. I was selected as a teacher with a 4500 PKR/- monthly salary. It was a big achievement in my life at that time. Although it was not easy for me, I never gave up.  Being the eldest person in my family, I am supporting my eight family members after my father’s death. It was harder than I expected but it was not impossible, I made it possible and I did it.”; Fatima narrated her story with a ray of hope in her eyes.

“In 2019 Maowin Foundation adopted Miraliwa Public School and appointed me as their teacher. The Moawin foundation offered me ten thousand rupees as salary. The adaptation of my school is just a miracle, it’s just a blessing in disguise for me and my family.  Being the eldest in my family with low income, it was very difficult for me to support my brother. With the support of Mawon Foundation, I was able to provide support to my brother. By the grace of God and then of Maowin Foundation, my brother is now selected in Pak-Army. His dream came true and so did mine, and if Maowin Foundation had not intervened in our community, all of this was not possible.”

“We are very thankful to Maowin Foundation for adopting our schools, it will help other students and teachers as well. Rising from hardship, remaining hopeful, and reaching for happiness, and never giving up is how I helped lift my family out of poverty and pursued my professional passion. I feel so proud of myself for setting an example for being a supporter for my family during the hardest days. I am very thankful to Maowin Foundation for providing me the opportunity to serve my community and support my family” Fatima.