Zaheera, a dedicated and concerned mother, was determined to provide the best education and developmental opportunities for her son. However, her initial attempts at a private school didn’t yield the expected results.
Zaheera discovered from her community members that Government Boys Middle School Dain, located in her neighrbohood, had introduced an Early Childhood Development (ECD) center, equipped with basic facilities designed to nurture young minds. The center boasted specially designed furniture for children, a safe and comfortable environment, an LED TV for interactive learning, a small art and science corner, and an ECD-trained teacher.

Intrigued and hopeful, I took a leap of faith and enrolled my son in the ECD Center Dain. Within a remarkably short period, I observed positive changes in my son’s behavior. He has started to develop good habits, such as organizing his belongings, greeting others with respect, brushing his teeth regularly, and neatly folding his clothes. He looks forward to his class every morning with great enthusiasm”, says Zaheera, Moheed’s mother.

Other mothers from my community have also shared that they noticed similar positive changes in their own children. They shared stories of their kids becoming more confident, responsible, and eager to learn. The impact of the ECD Center Dain in short span of time is evident from the parents inspired to enroll their children in the program.

For Zaheera, the success story of the ECD Center was more than just a personal achievement. She reflected on her own childhood, where educational opportunities were scarce, and the importance of early childhood development was unknown. With a sense of gratitude and satisfaction, she expressed her happiness that the children and parents in her community now had the opportunity to benefit from such a transformative program.

“As a tecaher, it is really difficult to keep the students enagged, particlualry, in early years when they get distracted with the things around them. Moheed is one of those students who are always eager on learning new things without getting distracted”, says Moheed’s Teacher.

The story of Zaheera and the ECD Center Dain serves as the first step towards improving the quality education in Dain’s community. By recognizing the significance of early childhood development and providing a nurturing environment, the ECD Center is shaping the future of these young minds and setting them on a path of lifelong learning.